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Ultra compact and portable drums for travel and jamming on-the-go.

  Handcrafted in Canada.


View it in action!

Portable Drums meets Hand-crafted

The Kouta compact portable drum is not a mass-produced, factory assembled instrument. Each drum is hand-crafted and made to order in a small workshop in Canada.

It features a 14″ bass drum with a removable kick-pedal attachement, an optional 10″ lightweight snare and an interior top-mounted bracket for 7/8″ tom holders.

Kouta compact carry-on drums front view drum skin green
kouta compact travel drum kit dimensions

Small Footprint

Its small dimensions means you can fit it anywhere.
Measuring just 21.5″ x 15.5″ x 9″ (H x W x D), the Kouta drum is not larger than a piece of standard carry-on luggage.

Portable & Light-weight

The box is made out of high quality Baltic birch plywood. Birch is a beloved material in drum making, appreciated for its light weight and durability.

The leather handle, depending on availability, is made out of upcycled belts.
Every drum is slightly different, each one with its unique character.

10 lbs | 5 kg


An empty box is a box full of possibilities. Add your favourite hardware and accessories. Its width can accommodate up to a 13″ snare drum or 14″ cymbals.

Kouta comes with 2 Velcro® tie-downs to secure your gear, which prevents it from moving around during transport. A 48″ long carpet keeps everything protected and allows you to separate your gear in layers.

Kouta snare drum cutout

Custom Lightweight Snare

Our purpose-built, hand-crafted 10″ x 3.5″ snare with a compact adjustable snare mechanism. It features a single head with a dial-style share mechanism. Tune it to your liking, adjust the snare wires to the desired tension or even lift it altogether to use it as a tom.

Listen To It In Action

The below samples were recorded with two microphones. No EQ or compression was added.


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